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Increase Your LA Home’s Resale Value


Owning a home is an emotional experience and a financial decision that can reward you in the long run as you build up your equity and see your property value increase. While you cannot control all elements of home value (for example, location), you can invest in quick upgrades and maintenance tasks that will make the biggest difference when it comes to increasing your resale value or protecting your investment.

If you’re unsure which areas of your house need the most attention, it is best to partner with a reputable construction company that can guide you in the right direction.


Ways to Increase Your Home’s Resale Value in LA

Are you ready to spruce up your space and ensure it sells for top dollar? Here are some ways recommended by experts such as real estate agents and home appraisers.

Add More Space

This is a no-brainer, but bigger homes sell for more money. Look around and see if you can knock out some walls and open up space to give the house a bigger and brighter feel. Similarly, check for any spot where an additional bathroom, a walk-in closet, or a storage area would make things dramatically easier.

Keep in mind that home renovations can cost you a lot of money, so you must do your homework and see if it will be worth it in the long run.

Upgrade your Home’s Finishes

A cheaper and more doable approach to hiking up your home’s resale value in LA is to make superficial changes to your property. This includes simple upgrades like replacing old fixtures with new ones, changing your front door, getting rid of any chipped woodwork, and fixing any plastering issues.

Another thing you can do to liven up your home is to give it a deep cleaning so there isn’t visible clutter or excess stuff that can throw a potential buyer off. Remove any political or religious items, photographs, or anything that makes the home seem like your territory rather than neutral territory.

Eliminate the Stink

Another important factor that homeowners often overlook is the smell. If a home smells like pets or smoke, that can influence the resale price significantly. The easiest and cheapest option is to avoid activities that stink up the place and be more proactive about cleaning up after your pets.

If your house smells funky, opt for an ozone treatment to freshen it up. Adding a scented candle and spraying essential oils can make your house more inviting without being overpowering.


Enhance the Curb Appeal

Whether a potential buyer sees your property in person or browses through its ad online, they first notice the outside of the house. First impressions are everything to increase your home’s resale value. The first opinion of your house is usually what sticks the most with new buyers. Working on the home’s exterior and surroundings can catch the attention of many.

One of the first things you should focus on is to get rid of any visible dust and debris and trim any overgrown bushes. You could also consider potting colorful plants and shrubs, placing a sculptural item, and adding chairs or a bench.

If you need to move fast for sale and don’t have time to undertake major upgrades, you can paint the front door, wash the windows, fix broken areas, or replace old address plates and door knobs with new ones.

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

Repainting your house is one of the best things you can do to change its look completely, thereby increasing its resale value. Opt for neutral colors so everyone can see themselves moving in. Whether painting a single room, or even just the front door of your house, a fresh coat can bring new life to the place and add instant charm.

Add Updated Appliances and Systems

Easing a buyer’s mind about home maintenance problems is another way to make your property seem more valuable. You can do this by ensuring your home’s appliances and systems are fully functional and up-to-date. Look around and see if you can find any faulty wires, an AC that hums loudly, a leaky faucet, etc. If your roof leaks, it is best to contact a contractor to replace it with a new one.


Create Usable Outdoor Space

In the post-pandemic era, more and more people desire outdoor space for things like dining outside, playing games, and enjoying Mother Nature. You don’t necessarily have to build costly decks or gazebos. You could, for instance, build a fire pit or add outdoor lighting to give people a cozy space they can enjoy.

Replace Bad Gutters

Moisture is the enemy, so you should clean your gutters regularly. The rule of thumb is to clean them twice during fall and twice in spring. However, if you’re dealing with damaged and leaky gutters that are beyond repair, do not repair them. Malfunctioning gutters can result in much costlier problems, such as mold, roof damage, and foundation issues.

Add Technology

Since technology is always evolving, it is best to add new technology to your home only if you plan to sell your property in the short term. Research suggests that homebuyers prefer the following smart home products in their next home purchase:

  • Smart thermostats
  • Smart carbon monoxide detectors
  • Smart fire detectors
  • Smart locks
  • Smart cameras and surveillance
  • Smart lighting system

How Can DG Builders Help Increase Your Home’s Resale Value in LA?

Selling a house is a stressful process requiring much planning and preparation. To receive the maximum payout by selling your current home, you must make a few upgrades here and there. DG Builders is a construction company based in Los Angeles, and we aim to help fix areas of your house that may be preventing you from getting a higher resale value.

Whether you want to break down walls, add an outdoor space, or make other interior design changes, we can help! Click here for more information about our services, price quotes, and more.

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